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    Unbanned. Admin Zoya received 27 hours ban (24h for freeban and 3h for free slays) Lock.
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    At that time i have lag because of high ping
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    when my ping get fix i join the server and start making jail on cts as i do everytime but umbro knows i have no cheat ,as he watching me but i dont know why Lapinasas Ban me for no reason
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    Unban Appeal Nick:SteFaN Admin Nick:Lapinass Demo:Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.demUzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem Ban Reason: Upload Demo on Forum Describe Situation : Ban Reason: In Map of de dust Zero I was playing and lapinass,umbro were in cts while i was in T , When i make jail on them They Can't kill me Because i had full damage So lapinass goes to sepectact and starting watching me ,after few mins he ban me by saying that upload demo