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    1. Your Game Nickname: FPS_ 2. Your Age: 21 3. Have you been a Server Supervisor on other projects? (Yes) - If YES, for how long? Why were you discarded / exited?): i was co-owner like a 2 projects ( dd2 and awp servers, how long? amm 2years maybe 3 ) and now i have server where i am sponsor and owner and that server i have like 9 months xDD 4. Can you distinguish between players who use game facilitators and simple, well-played players ?:?? yeah, that is easy, if some admin not come in and ban me xDD then u need look at player and ask for demo if u r not safe with ur decision 5. Have you used Chits or other aids? If so, which ones ?: i was used long time ago all those cheats and scripts, coz i needed to how because i needed to find out how you can hide them or how people who use them can hide while playing 6. How much time do you spend on servers per day / week ?: ammm idk how much time but, i can say +/- how much, that is in day like 3-5hours maybe, like 2 months now im not playing other's projects, only csdm 7. Do you only play on servers for this project ?: yeah right now 8. Which servers of this project do you visit most often ?: right now only csdm 1.6, but if need then i can play more 9. Do you know the AMX commands required for full server support ?: yeah, form a to z 10. How to realize Supervisor positions ?: like u need to watch all of top15 players so carefully and others as well, need to watch all admin if they brake the law, or do some thing wrong, so if u r supervisor then u need spend more time in server and watch all thoes kids who get stuff for first time, like Dark Knight and more, but yeah 11. Do you understand that the supervisors (s) should follow not only the rules, but also to existing situations, always set the punishment according to the seriousness of the infringement , be neither too strict nor too good ?: Yeah i know, this is the specificity of its supervisor 12. Your SkypeID: Yeah about skype, i was, but if need then i can download it 13. Do you have a microphone ?: yeah 24/7, u can call me on my phone and i can come in if need 😎👍 14. Write a few sentences about yourself, describing your good and bad qualities, hobbies, character: I am cool guy who have car BMW E36 Cabriolet M3, and all those car problems, i have girl and all those best friend problems, xDD and im playing volley ball like now 8 years, and im playing well, so maybe some day u can see me on TV, i like to take picture with my camera Canon EOS 700D and with that big zoom xDD like 100mm-400mm lens 15. Record a short audio recording of your name, age, gameplay nickname and additional information according to you would be useful for completing the questionnaire:
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    Kas pirmas pradejo?!
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    Krc nenervok malaletka, eik pieno isgerk ir miegot varik... Mano dukra 6 metu ir to protingesne nei tu... Kol tau daeina tai cia...
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    Visi zino su kokiei nick zaidziu daznaj, Bet new niekas...
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    Jej lavone nezinai, tai yra tokiu mapu kur gali eit kur tik nori!!! Mape, uz mapo, po mapu ar ant mapo!!! Jej tik dbr suzinojej, tai cia jou tavo bedos!!!
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    Vaike jej nupirkai admin, tai nereiskia kad esi dievas! Ir vaidiniesi tai tik tu! Jej nezinaj kad keiciu nick spec, tai nereiskia kad manes nera!!!
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    Buginimas skaitosi kai tu su teleport granata uzejej uz map! O jej su gravitacija gali ten uzsokt, cia ne buginimas! Jej ir pakeis tai tikrai ne tu busi!
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    what gift will you give for my twentieth birthday ? 😝
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    2020-05-07 Swoloc Swoloc Izeidimas forume 4 Valandos Gerio pasidare? Tau ir pridesiu uz izeidima! Ras na to poslo...