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    1. Your Game Nickname / Nick: D@RK | KNIGHT 2. Your Age: 18 3. Have you been a Server Supervisor on other projects? (Yes) - If YES, for how long? Why were you discarded / exited?):No 4. Can you distinguish between players who use game facilitators and simple, well-played players ?:?? 5. Have you used Chits or other aids? If so, which ones ?: amxmodmenu 6. How much time do you spend on servers per day / week ?: all time i play 7. Do you only play on servers for this project ?: Yes all time i play 8. Which servers of this project do you visit most often ?:Yes 9. Do you know the AMX commands required for full server support ?:Yes 10. How to realize Supervisor positions ?:Best 11. Do you understand that the supervisors (s) should follow not only the rules, but also to existing situations, always set the punishment according to the seriousness of the infringement , be neither too strict nor too good ?:Yes 12. Your SkypeID:DARK KNIGHT 13. Do you have a microphone ?:No 14. Write a few sentences about yourself, describing your good and bad qualities, hobbies, character:Yes 15. Record a short audio recording of your name, age, gameplay nickname and additional information according to you would be useful for completing the questionnaire