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    Statistikos restartas jau įvyko! Sveikinu visus nugalėtojus SVARBI INFORMACJA (LT): Šį mėnesį visi TOP laimėtojai buvo detaliai patikrinti dėl galimų rank sukčiavimų (free kill/kill farming etc). Apačioje prisegtoje nuotraukoje nurodyti tikrinimo rezultatai ("X" reiškia jog žaidėjas sukčiavo ir buvo ištrintas iš laimėtojų, "V" - kad nesukčiavo arba sukčiavo nereikšmingai/atsitiktinai). IMPORTANT INFORMATION (EN): This month all TOP winners have been thoroughly checked for possible rank fraud (free kill/kill farming etc). The attached picture below shows the results of the checks ("X" means that the player frauded and was removed from the winners, "V" means that the player did not fraud or that the fraud was insignificant/accidental). Moreover, this month we decided to give extra prizes for the most active players! In the future there will be separate statistics for active players and more opportunities to earn privilegies! [ RANK ] CSDM +Sentry +LM: [MEGA.ADMIN] Assassin ✔? [S.ADMIN] Black Wolf:):):) [ADMIN] PadatecParti [S.VIP] Tinzy [VIP] [POWER] Abdou [ ACTIVITY✔ ] CSDM +Sentry +LM: [ADMIN] Buddy [lighter punishment for insignificant fraud] Assassin ✔ [S.VIP] Player [VIP] Slime [VIP] Winqui Prizai bus uždėti iki 2023-08-03 23:00!Privilegijų trukmė: 30 dienų. kitą mėnesį administracija pasilieka teise laikus keisti.? - susisiekti dėl prizo suteikimo (turint statistikos saugojimo tipą ant NICK/SteamID ir pan.)
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    1. Your nick in game:-AngeL2. Nick of the rule breaker:Buddy3. SS/DEMO proof [a must]: Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem4. In which part of the demo did the admin break the rules [beginning, middle, end]?: EnD5. Which rule has been violated?: Wrong change map with voting..6. Describe the situation:He add only one map in voting..If My demo is wrong then check logs of de _dustzero map..there is Problem with my demo..He shows old demo.. Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem
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    1. Your nick in game:-AngeL2. Nick of the rule breaker:t e r m e r3. SS/DEMO proof [a must]: In which part of the demo did the admin break the rules [beginning, middle, end]?: Begining5. Which rule has been violated?: 6. Describe the situation:he is using wh i think he is sfenj plz check him and ban
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    1. Your nick in game: -AngeL2. Nick of the rule breaker t e r m e r3. SS/DEMO proof [a must]: In which part of the demo did the admin break the rules [beginning, middle, end]?: Begining5. Which rule has been violated?: 6. Describe the situation:use wh
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    plz @foxie check player he is useing wh i think he is sfenj
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    1. Your nick in game:Mudassir # Ahmed 2. Nick of the rule breaker:Senior 3. SS/DEMO proof [a must]: 4. In which part of the demo did the admin break the rules [beginning, middle, end]?:EnD 5. Which rule has been violated?: Free kick 6. Describe the situation:I will kill kim 10 to 15 times. First they ask me that you are cheater. And then he kick me just bcz that reason is i am cheater.. Otherwise Mr hell lol is not a Insult you will mute or gag him. Check him also
  7. 2 points ask for wargod
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    Now Foxie check it. Zoya clearly says that i am abusing her admin. And he insult me . Is this is not a insult. So you will also need to abuse her admin..While there is not topic against me in forum For abusing my admin...I think this server is based on friendship ...De furies final demo is right.? Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.dem Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem
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    1. Your Game Nickname/In-Game NICK?: Player2. Nickname of Admin who asked you to upload Evidence: SkyFall 3. SS/Demo Evidence [REQUIRED]: Your Additional Comment: I am Buddy and i left playing because of scott, so my littile bro is playing cs 1.6 using nick Player, and this angel, assassin or SkyFall he is the same guy who is asking my demo for every maps. Just wanted to ask supervisors or owners why you give him a admin even he dont spectate me or he don't have knowledge how to check players even i am clear and i have 26 level still he has doubts even my score is also normal still he has doubts, i think he asked demo and ss for just dominating the map and get more kills for top 1, because when i plays against him then i kill him easily so he unable to do camp, maybe thats why he is asking demo and ss for each maps. please see this admin carefully or else players will be left soon. Thank You @scott @Gembaz2 de_dustzero0000.bmp de_dustzero0001.bmp de_dustzero0002.bmp de_dustzero0003.bmp de_dustzero0004.bmp
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    If you have any complaints against the admin, make it in HERE please. For now, you uploaded your demo and ss but i don't see Assassin replying here. Assassin, this is First warning for the loss your privilege due to wasting players' time by asking them to upload their demo/ss but you aren't checking them. Next time you will be punished harsher. I'll leave this open until tomorrow so Assassin will type his opinion here after watching the evidence Buddy uploaded.
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    Notes for you zoya, you can say you will upload after the map ends but you shouldn't play after that and have to immediately upload demo and ss. It was your fault. Also, if you have nothing to lose, instead of collecting gifts for 20 minute straight, just upload the demo and don't waste the admin's time. Avoid swearing the admin only because they asked you to upload your demo/ss. And next time fill the questions completely and answer what is asked, otherwise i will auto-deny the appeal. Plus this is not correct place to upload evidence. HERE is. Also, you after checking the demo should approve if the demo is clean or not. I'm not the one asked for it, you are. Watch what you asked for and give your ideas about what he shared. locked.
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    Admin ProToTyPe was already banned for 24 hours for changing maps several times when there was +5 minutes left. After i checked your demos and logs, i can see he did it to other players too and he will receive +48 hours to his current ban(total 72 hours). Accepted.
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    Ban was only for 10h, thus expired. Admin already punished with 1d warning ban. His admin (12d) was also changed to VIP.
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    1. Your nick in game: [ISI] -AngeL2. Nick of the rule breaker: L O N I3. SS/DEMO proof [a must]: In which part of the demo did the admin break the rules [beginning, middle, end]?: beginning5. Which rule has been violated?: changing map earlier (until 27 mins left ) he start voting.6. Describe the situation: (edited)
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    Rejected, no demo. create new topic and iwill chek Locked.
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    1. Your Game Nickname/In-Game NICK?: [ISI] -AngeL 2. Admin Nickname you were banned from: Senior 3. SS/Demo Evidence[REQUIRED]: 4. Ban Reason :hacker 5. Enter the ban link or information from the console [Optional] : AMXBans] =============================================== [AMXBans] Tave uzbanino adminas: Senior [AMXBans] Tu gali apskusti savo bana @ [AMXBans] Priezastis: 'hacker' [AMXBans] Laikotarpis: '1 week' [AMXBans] Tavo SteamID: 'STEAM_1:0:938276400' [AMXBans] Tavo IP: '' [AMXBans] ======================================== 6. Are you a STEAM or NON-STEAM player? [Optional]:non steam 7. Describe the situation: i playing the game and he will ban me at the start of map. he don't know how to use admin. abuse his admin..
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