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    Ban was right, you have insulted him a lot Zoya. also assassin, next time use gagmenu, if player repeats, increase the gag time to 1h and even more after that. A note to another admins, If you ungag the player because he is your friend, you will be punished too. (Especially you Noor). Case dismissed.
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    1. Your Game Nickname/In-Game NICK?: Player2. Nickname of Admin who asked you to upload Evidence: SkyFall 3. SS/Demo Evidence [REQUIRED]: Your Additional Comment: I am Buddy and i left playing because of scott, so my littile bro is playing cs 1.6 using nick Player, and this angel, assassin or SkyFall he is the same guy who is asking my demo for every maps. Just wanted to ask supervisors or owners why you give him a admin even he dont spectate me or he don't have knowledge how to check players even i am clear and i have 26 level still he has doubts even my score is also normal still he has doubts, i think he asked demo and ss for just dominating the map and get more kills for top 1, because when i plays against him then i kill him easily so he unable to do camp, maybe thats why he is asking demo and ss for each maps. please see this admin carefully or else players will be left soon. Thank You @scott @Gembaz2 de_dustzero0000.bmp de_dustzero0001.bmp de_dustzero0002.bmp de_dustzero0003.bmp de_dustzero0004.bmp
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    If you have any complaints against the admin, make it in HERE please. For now, you uploaded your demo and ss but i don't see Assassin replying here. Assassin, this is First warning for the loss your privilege due to wasting players' time by asking them to upload their demo/ss but you aren't checking them. Next time you will be punished harsher. I'll leave this open until tomorrow so Assassin will type his opinion here after watching the evidence Buddy uploaded.
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    True, i also was playing on de_dustzero against him so he was losing on ak47 so he changed to gun to awp, and then i just told him (scared in ak17) i didn't even abused him or smth, but still he muted me this time for 5 min, i don't have proofs either i had proofs i should upload, anyways if scott wants to check the logs then he can, it was a free mute, #Boycott Assassin = SkyFall
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    he dont even know that how to chck demo files, and still asking for demo to disturb the players when he cant play against someone pro #boycottassassin = skyfall
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    i know mate .viewdemo
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    teddy why you are insulting my family I give you a warning from the last map but you still continuously to insulting my and my family
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    you and your cousin Mr. Zoya behavior bad #Boycott Chokidar = Zoya #BoyCott Teddy = Daba Packing
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    and Foxie when I ask Zoya to upload the demo and ss I am waiting 4 hours he did not the demo and ss in the forum then you will not take action ..this is not my mistake i asked to buddy upload the demo in the forum he is not replying to me and left the game and Foxie always i can't see the forums
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    I have proof only I ask you to upload the demo ss in zero map if you have any proof against me so pls upload him when I ask you to upload the demo and ss you are ignoring me and why you left the game and you are uploading demo and ss after 2 hours when I am sleeping nicely Mr. Buddy or player
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    i didn't even abused your family, i just abused you beacuse you also was abusing about me noob, upload the proofs where i abused your family, and also upload your own screenshots where you abused me , and the last thing first learn english noob ( Dubai mai betha hoon )
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    # BoyCott Noor= Daba Packing ya lo (jider be hu tum logo sy bohat ameer hu ) (tum logo ke tara her kise sy admin nhi manghta ) I have too many proof but I will not give you here I am just waiting Scott #BoyCott Noor = Daba Packing Wala file[1]
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    SS + DEMO is clean thanks for uploading... but idk that you're Buddy because you change your name so i ask you for Demo.and i didn't want to get more kills for Get TOP1.and as a ADMIN it's my responsibility to check normals players..Thanks
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    1. Your Game Nickname/In-game NICK?: louis vuitton 2. Admin Nickname you were banned from: skyfall = assassin 3. SS/Demo Evidence[REQUIRED]: 4. Ban Reason : insult my family 5. Enter the ban link or information from the console [Optional] : BUILD 2753 SERVER (0 CRC) Server # 253 [AMXBans] =============================================== [AMXBans] Tave uzbanino is sito serverio adminas SkyFaLL. [AMXBans] 25 minutes and 35 seconds like iki tavo bano pabaigos. [AMXBans] Uzbanintas slapyvardis : louis vuitton [AMXBans] Priezastis : ' insult my family ' [AMXBans] Tu gali apskusti savo bana @ [AMXBans] Tavo SteamID : ' STEAM_0 : 0 : 586575797 ' [AMXBans] Tavo IP : ' ' [AMXBans] =============================================== Kicked : Tu esi UZBANINTAS. Pasitikrink konsole. 6. Are you a STEAM or NON-STEAM player? [Optional]: Steam 7. Describe the situation: i just ask him when he cant play why you take invisible points, he didn't even reply and lyiny, just saying that i said bad, you guys dont even now he is a scamer asking to players for euro, then he scam players i have a proof but its dont wanna upload it here cus its my persnol matter right maybe, lmaoo