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    im also added de_russia_2x2 and de_dust2002 others will be added later
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    yes, you can find them in the rtv list. others i will try to add next week (this week has been bad to add maps bcz im worked in morning shift. to add maps, spawns and hifts need empty server, so i can do it only in midnight)
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    UNBANED. admin gonna recive 1d ban for freebans
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    admin banned 3 hours for free kick
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    de_dust2_mini cs_1337_assault cs_inferno cs_assault2012 cs_havana de_westwood_big ir taip turejau omenyje fy_snow tai ir kalbu apie tuos mazus semelapius kurie yra neitraukti
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    fy snow gal turejai uomenyje? beje reikia saraso kokiu nera nes kaikurie galimai panaikinti, kiti galimai neitraukti nes yra mazi mapai ir t.t. beje map pasiulymus reiktu mesti su map atsisiuntimo nuoroda pvz is gamebannana
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    de_dust2_mini cs_1337_assault cs_inferno cs_assault2012 cs_havana de_westwood_big siulau ideti situos zemelapius + ideti i rtv tokius zemelapius kaip fy_slow de_dust2 tuos visus kuriu neta rtv pasirinkime
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    oh, yes sure. also, I can help you in it if you want. thank you for adding them.
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    naudok atsibaninimo anketa
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    The results of the first candidates are published next to each questionnaire (with basic details). @Makaras* Accepted for level B+ interview. @zoya Accepted for level B- interview. @Go To Sleep (63) Accepted for level C interview. @[CO-Owner] D@RK | KNIGHT Rejected. @iNf Rejected. * The level of the interview determines the duration of the survey and the number of questions required to test a person’s knowledge (this does not necessarily mean that the level alone determines the duration of the interview). The higher the level, the more likely you are to succeed. Existing levels: A++, A+, A, A-, A--, B++, B+, B, B- B--, C. Interviews usually last from 5 minutes to 45 minutes (most often 15minutes~). The interview will be conducted on Saturday evening or Sunday, with all candidates I will contact via contacts you provided in the questionnaire. If you are unable to attend the interview at that time, it will be postponed for a day or more. The interview can be made in writing or by speech, at the choice of the candidate. The speaking option is highly recommended (when chosen in writing, the chances of a successful pass are much lower). The questions will be of a different nature - from rules to different situations (for example, how should a supervisor behave when he notices a cheater on the server). The collection is not yet complete, new candidates can fill out questionnaires on this topic.
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    1. Jūsų Slapyvardis žaidime: Roman's YT2. Nusižengusio žaidėjo Slapyvardis: Viecinis# Abra 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai: Kurioje DEMO dalyje žaidėjas nusižengė?(Pradžioje/viduryje/pabaigoje): link pabaigos demo laikas toks 46:44:42 prasitese mepas pamatysit patys kaip jo spray šokinėja 5. Kokią pagalbinę programą naudojo nusižengęs žaidėjas?[Nebūtina]: Best spray logo6. Jeigu žaidėjas turėjo kokią nors paslaugą, ar pageidaujate ją turėti?[TAIP/NE]: Taip reikajau jo Mega-admino