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  1. Statistikos restartas jau įvyko! Sveikinu visus nugalėtojus SVARBI INFORMACJA (LT): Šį mėnesį visi TOP laimėtojai buvo detaliai patikrinti dėl galimų rank sukčiavimų (free kill/kill farming etc). Apačioje prisegtoje nuotraukoje nurodyti tikrinimo rezultatai ("X" reiškia jog žaidėjas sukčiavo ir buvo ištrintas iš laimėtojų, "V" - kad nesukčiavo arba sukčiavo nereikšmingai/atsitiktinai). IMPORTANT INFORMATION (EN): This month all TOP winners have been thoroughly checked for possible rank fraud (free kill/kill farming etc). The attached picture below shows the results of the checks ("X" means that the player frauded and was removed from the winners, "V" means that the player did not fraud or that the fraud was insignificant/accidental). Moreover, this month we decided to give extra prizes for the most active players! In the future there will be separate statistics for active players and more opportunities to earn privilegies! [ RANK ] CSDM +Sentry +LM: [MEGA.ADMIN] Assassin ✔? [S.ADMIN] Black Wolf:):):) [ADMIN] PadatecParti [S.VIP] Tinzy [VIP] [POWER] Abdou [ ACTIVITY✔ ] CSDM +Sentry +LM: [ADMIN] Buddy [lighter punishment for insignificant fraud] Assassin ✔ [S.VIP] Player [VIP] Slime [VIP] Winqui Prizai bus uždėti iki 2023-08-03 23:00!Privilegijų trukmė: 30 dienų. kitą mėnesį administracija pasilieka teise laikus keisti.? - susisiekti dėl prizo suteikimo (turint statistikos saugojimo tipą ant NICK/SteamID ir pan.)
  2. Scott

    Free kicks by Dani jackel

    Admin "Dani jackal" has been already punished (banned for 7 days) by the topic author (I also added a warning to 'Dani jackal' in ban reason, if it repeats - punishment will be more severe). Such punishment is considered reasonable and sufficient for free kicks (based on demo+logs, he was using kick because didn't know how to use ban; he suspected you as a cheater but didn't check you to make sure you cheated (Im sure you weren't)).
  3. Scott


    Ban was only for 10h, thus expired. Admin already punished with 1d warning ban. His admin (12d) was also changed to VIP.
  4. Scott

    free ban

    Kaip suprast "toliau"? Banas pasibaigęs prieš dvi savaites (buvo 10val), nerandu kad būtų tau uždėjęs naują ban.
  5. Scott

    Vaikam adminam

    Išsisiaškinom per discord, šįkart unbanned, bet įsirašyk kitą cs dėl demo problemų.
  6. Based on the supervisor's @-Foxie comments the punishment is considered reasonable. However, if you have doubts, contact me (discord: Scott#9012) and we can discuss it in detail.
  7. Scott

    UnBan appeal (SteFaN)

    Demo can be checked with other commands and methods.. Unbanned, I didn't notice any indications of cheating during the whole demo.
  8. Scott

    Unban / by zoya

    Accepted - unbanned. Usually it's easy to detect aimbots, as it was in this case either. Player gladiatorul's ban was extended to the permanent. Moreover, watching demo I noticed that same admin (used nicks: Nereklamuok!, `Lapinasas, julka) banned player cyber with no significant reason (he provoked him), evidence below: L 02/05/2022 - 21:31:03: `Lapinasas: What it has to do with yall again? L 02/05/2022 - 21:31:14: RED ZMAJA: lapi come back you prooooooo hahaahah L 02/05/2022 - 21:31:34: `Lapinasas: Play without immortality, easy. L 02/05/2022 - 21:31:49: RED ZMAJA: yeeee play invisible is ok L 02/05/2022 - 21:31:52: `Lapinasas: i never bought this thing L 02/05/2022 - 21:32:04: `Lapinasas: Buy privileges and you have it also kiddo L 02/05/2022 - 21:32:07: RED ZMAJA: yeee i know you pro i say come back L 02/05/2022 - 21:32:21: cyber: hahah noob L 02/05/2022 - 21:32:28: RED ZMAJA: i no pay for funn not kid like you L 02/05/2022 - 21:32:38: `Lapinasas banned cyber ant 10 hours (600 minutes). Reason: Keiksmai/Izeidimai. (insults) L 02/05/2022 - 21:32:40: `Lapinasas: relax L 02/05/2022 - 21:32:43: `Lapinasas: who wants more? Therefore, because of 2 free bans, admin Lapinasas got 1440min ban as a warning, and his mega-admin (11days) was changed to VIP.
  9. Scott

    zoya the cringe one

    Unban appeal was rechecked. Rejected. Based on the evidence provided (DEMO), it is clear that the player jcole was using cheats (first and foremost observed - WallHack) - therefore his permanent ban was returned and his rank stats were reset. Moreover, his admin (expiration time: 20days) was transferred to @zoya who caught him. Supervisor @-Foxie will be warned to check the evidence more closely.
  10. Scott

    Irodymai Aironas kad keiti nick kaip tik nori.

    Buvau nepastebėjęs šios temos, bet vis tiek nusprendžiau patikrinti. Abrai uždėtas 5d banas (netinkami nick, įžeidimai, dalinis apsimetinėjimas Scott), Aironui 3d banas (netinkami nick, dalinis apsimetinėjimas prieshu).
  11. Scott


  12. Scott

    FreeBan By Stasenas

    Unbanned. Such warnings are receiving players with game files which protects player at a high level (ignoring/blocking incoming commands from server, like binds etc. AND alias either) Steam a few years ago installed protection from binds, and unfortunately, it also blocks incoming 'alias' commands from the server. Therefore, steam players can't be checked with "amx_alias" command. The only solution for it is to ask a player to write 'alias' in console (because game blocks only incoming from servers commands, not from the client directly) and: 1) Make amx_alias for him, then you will see blocked alias AND above correct alias (when player wrote 'alias') [THIS OPTION IS RISKY, as the console can be flooded with other messages and it can be too late to make amx_alias for the player. 2) Ask a player to write 'alias' and 'screenshot' in the console, then he will have the correct screenshot with alias info. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND SAFE METHOD] P.S. Usually, non-steam game installations don't have such protection which would block 'alias'.
  13. Scott


    Unbanned. He didn't know that you bought unban for ban I set you. I warned him to be more careful.
  14. Scott

    Bitch Zoya free banned me

    Unbanned. S.ADMIN "Zoya" got 1440min. (1day) ban as a warning for blocking without spectating. If it will repeat - the punishment will be stricter.
  15. Scott

    AURA free ban

    Unbanned. Supervisor @AURA8 got a strict warning for blocking you without spectating.