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  1. -Foxie

    Sedoi free ban

    Accepted. Admin got 1d ban and you are unbanned. (player uses headphones and plays with sounds) lock
  2. Could you please mention the hacks player uses next time? i saw no hacks in this demo. Player plays with sound and its obvious. I am YDKM with my non steamed. also, do you always look for a free service to get it? Don't blame whoever is better than you as a cheater. Be sure first. YDKM's Demo <------ Watch this. lock.
  3. -Foxie


    Mr old man:
  4. -Foxie

    [2022-01-01] Statistikos restartas

    Congrats to the winners. Happy new year !
  5. -Foxie


    You must use the following unban appeal format or your application will be rejected. 1. Your nick in game: 2. Nick of the admin that banned you : 3. SS/DEMO proof [A MUST] : 4. Ban reason : 5. Ban link or information from console [not necessary] : 6. Are you steamed or non steamed? [not necessary] : 7. Describe the situation :
  6. -Foxie

    UNBAN Life is pink

    This isn't my application. He didn't know how to create an account in forum and make and appeal for his unban. I'm just helping him. 1. Your nick in game: Life is pink 2. Nick of the admin that banned you : robynus 3. SS/DEMO proof [A MUST] : Demo 4. Ban reason : DEMO/SS i foruma 5. Ban link or information from console [not necessary] : - 6. Are you steamed or non steamed? [not necessary] : Non 7. Describe the situation : -
  7. + I was in game but went afk for 10 minutes. i checked console and saw he banned you without spectating for cheating.He also asked for Wargods but normal admins can't ask for wargods , Only supervisors can. Also, today he changed map without vote at +5m remaining. I think he should get 30 hours ban. (24h for free ban and 6h for free kick and map change +5m and no vote) Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.dem
  8. -Foxie

    free ban

    Admin neleidžiama užbani žaidėjo balsuoti. žaidėjų buvo daugiau nei 5, taigi voteban yra gerai, nes jo vienintelis balsas negali tavęs uždrausti ir tas 3h banas kažkaip nesąžiningas. Mačiau, kaip NmF Hard užbano daug žaidėjų už nemokamą voteban draudimą, bet žaidėjų buvo tiek daug 2 ar 1 balsavimas ir užbanint. manau reikia nubausti adminą, palikime temą Prižiūrėtojai.
  9. -Foxie

    refs cheating

    + He uses steamid changer. I banned him permanently yesterday but it seems like he is back with a new IP and steamid.
  10. -Foxie


    Pff, people are looking to take me down nowadays. Just wondering why me? cant see me chilling and playing normally? what did i do in that demo, could you say what kind of cheats i did or which rule i broke?
  11. -Foxie

    EiNNa wh+aim

    + It would be easier for supervisors to ban the cheater If you copy the steamid and share it here in your reporting thread. Because he is just a random guy joins the server and cheats. So they should check logs, find his name and then check his steamid.
  12. He is stasenas, the person bought you unban. + I can't see any wallhacks in that demo. He uses sound and it's pretty easy to figure it out.
  13. -Foxie


    I could report you more than 10 times for those things you told me in voice chats. Whenever you joined, started to call me a loser cheater bot and insulted my family. RZR saw everything in the game, you can ask him if you think im lying. @rezere