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  1. -Foxie


    Do NOT post in where you got no business in. I've asked you for a demo last time but you denied my request, you received a ban there. Later then you tried to join with a new steamid but you've been caught and banned. I can't unban you without a demo. Denied.
  2. -Foxie

    free ban

    Ban was right, you have insulted him a lot Zoya. also assassin, next time use gagmenu, if player repeats, increase the gag time to 1h and even more after that. A note to another admins, If you ungag the player because he is your friend, you will be punished too. (Especially you Noor). Case dismissed.
  3. -Foxie


    If you have any complaints against the admin, make it in HERE please. For now, you uploaded your demo and ss but i don't see Assassin replying here. Assassin, this is First warning for the loss your privilege due to wasting players' time by asking them to upload their demo/ss but you aren't checking them. Next time you will be punished harsher. I'll leave this open until tomorrow so Assassin will type his opinion here after watching the evidence Buddy uploaded.
  4. -Foxie

    ss by tinzy

    Notes for you zoya, you can say you will upload after the map ends but you shouldn't play after that and have to immediately upload demo and ss. It was your fault. Also, if you have nothing to lose, instead of collecting gifts for 20 minute straight, just upload the demo and don't waste the admin's time. Avoid swearing the admin only because they asked you to upload your demo/ss. And next time fill the questions completely and answer what is asked, otherwise i will auto-deny the appeal. Plus this is not correct place to upload evidence. HERE is. Also, you after checking the demo should approve if the demo is clean or not. I'm not the one asked for it, you are. Watch what you asked for and give your ideas about what he shared. locked.
  5. -Foxie

    Senior kick me for no reason

    Make a correct complaint with correct format. Denied for not using format/wrong category.
  6. -Foxie

    Black wolf

    I see nothing in Demo2, demo 1 is corrupt. Insufficient evidence. P.S: Next time mention the reason of reporting in the complaint, thanks.
  7. -Foxie

    Free Ban

    You both will be punished. you went out of map to kill him too. I will remove the ban he issued to you since you already served your punishment, and Sedoi will receive ban for 12h for leaving the map and freebanning.
  8. -Foxie


    I actually needed the demo of the incident so i could punish the player. a screenshot of ban information is not enough. although your ban is already lifted.
  9. -Foxie

    free ban Wind969

    Your ban is now extended to permanent since you rejected to share screenshots and alias. Denied.
  10. -Foxie

    free ban Wind969

    Share the screenshots and alias too @Aynsford_95.
  11. Insufficient evidence.
  12. Admin ProToTyPe was already banned for 24 hours for changing maps several times when there was +5 minutes left. After i checked your demos and logs, i can see he did it to other players too and he will receive +48 hours to his current ban(total 72 hours). Accepted.
  13. -Foxie

    Cheat PadatecParti

    I see nothing suspicious. He is clean for me. Denied.
  14. -Foxie

    SS/DEMO for Foxie

    Unbanned. Please use the correct format next time.
  15. -Foxie


    Unbanned. Admin Zoya received 27 hours ban (24h for freeban and 3h for free slays) Lock.