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  1. -Foxie

    free ban Wind969

    Your ban is now extended to permanent since you rejected to share screenshots and alias. Denied.
  2. -Foxie

    free ban Wind969

    Share the screenshots and alias too @Aynsford_95.
  3. Insufficient evidence.
  4. Admin ProToTyPe was already banned for 24 hours for changing maps several times when there was +5 minutes left. After i checked your demos and logs, i can see he did it to other players too and he will receive +48 hours to his current ban(total 72 hours). Accepted.
  5. -Foxie

    Cheat PadatecParti

    I see nothing suspicious. He is clean for me. Denied.
  6. -Foxie

    SS/DEMO for Foxie

    Unbanned. Please use the correct format next time.
  7. -Foxie


    Unbanned. Admin Zoya received 27 hours ban (24h for freeban and 3h for free slays) Lock.
  8. -Foxie

    [2022-09-01] Statistikos restartas!

    You have an active ban for cheating. Locking the thread.
  9. -Foxie

    this is demo for bukusitan noob admin

    1 Warning for Pukis, asking for demo and not watching it. Lock
  10. -Foxie

    this is demo for bukusitan noob admin

    Who was the admin asking for demo?!
  11. Sorry for the late reply. Admin Senior will receive 6h ban for changing the map at 5:40 and adding 2 maps only. lock.
  12. -Foxie

    this is demo for bukusitan noob admin

    Įrodymų pateikimo anketos šablonas: 1. Jūsų žaidimo slapyvardis/NICK žaidime?: 2. Administratoriaus Slapyvardis, kuris paprašė jūsų įkelti įrodymus: 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai [BŪTINA]: 4. Jūsų papildomas komentaras: This is the format if youre looking for.
  13. -Foxie

    Banned by AngeL

    It seemed like a real mistake as i checked the demo. Admin Angel banned you by a mistake, he was going to ban player 222. Unbanned. Lock
  14. -Foxie

    Banned by AngeL

    Please do NOT use any other languages in the ban appeal. The ban reason is DEMO/SS , so you must upload your demo and SS, so i can check and see what can i do for you.