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  1. -Foxie


    Unbanned. Admin Zoya received 27 hours ban (24h for freeban and 3h for free slays) Lock.
  2. -Foxie

    [2022-09-01] Statistikos restartas!

    You have an active ban for cheating. Locking the thread.
  3. -Foxie

    this is demo for bukusitan noob admin

    1 Warning for Pukis, asking for demo and not watching it. Lock
  4. -Foxie

    this is demo for bukusitan noob admin

    Who was the admin asking for demo?!
  5. Sorry for the late reply. Admin Senior will receive 6h ban for changing the map at 5:40 and adding 2 maps only. lock.
  6. -Foxie

    this is demo for bukusitan noob admin

    Įrodymų pateikimo anketos šablonas: 1. Jūsų žaidimo slapyvardis/NICK žaidime?: 2. Administratoriaus Slapyvardis, kuris paprašė jūsų įkelti įrodymus: 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai [BŪTINA]: 4. Jūsų papildomas komentaras: This is the format if youre looking for.
  7. -Foxie

    Banned by AngeL

    It seemed like a real mistake as i checked the demo. Admin Angel banned you by a mistake, he was going to ban player 222. Unbanned. Lock
  8. -Foxie

    Banned by AngeL

    Please do NOT use any other languages in the ban appeal. The ban reason is DEMO/SS , so you must upload your demo and SS, so i can check and see what can i do for you.
  9. Admin senior got banned 3h for changemap at 7m. Lock
  10. -Foxie

    you need to watch this demo first before ban

    Next time if you dont use application format, ill instantly reject your thread and lock it All good but please next time mute the player by amx_gagmenu first. You banned too fast, give player a chance after muting them, not instant 1d ban. I banned you and unbanned bloody, he joined the game and started his toxic behaviour. I banned him again and i'll unban you, i apologize for the ban. Unbanned and play Bloody gets 1d ban for using offensive words. Lock
  11. -Foxie

    Break rules Buddy

    Zoya, if you reply in a thread you aren't involved in once again, you'll receive a forum warning. L 08/08/2022 - 19:35:54: Vote: "Buddy" vote maps (map#1 "cs_paintball") (map#2 "fy_snow_pool") (map#3 "") (map#4 "") Rule 3.2. It is forbidden to submit less than 2 map selections when changing the map. You must add +2 maps in the amx_mapmenu or you will be punished. Admin Buddy received 3hours ban and a warning. You won't receive the warning as you were honest here: Locked.
  12. -Foxie

    demo for noob angel

    Don't start a new drama and arguments. Everything's okay. lock.
  13. -Foxie

    New maps #1

    1. Jūsų žaidimo Slapyvardis/Nick: Viecinis#Foxie69 2. Kam skirtas pasiūlymas?[Svetainei/serveriams]: Server 3. Jūsų pasiūlymas: Add some new maps and remove old maps which players dont play much. I've collected a list here : 1. de_2minaret 2. de_clan3_heat 3. cs_mansion_xtrem 4. cs_leben_new 5. de_clan4_stone 6. de_furiens_final (This map got bugs with scores, must be deleted) 7. de_balkanization 8. de_PoeiraPerdida 9. de_chateau 10. de_suntower 11. css_overpass ________________________________________________________ I let some other maps to stay in the rtv list , players still vote for them , even though rarely. The mostly played maps in the past 3 months are: fy_snow - de_dustzero - de_russia_2x2 - cs_assault2012 - de_westwood_big _________________________________________________________ I also suggest to add some new maps with removing some. I would like to bring back cs_bikini and cs_paris like before. Some more maps i would like to add if they are appropriate with server and able to add spawnpoints in: cs_wademix - cs_xemmas - cs_bestofbritish - cs_paintball - fy_snow_pool - fy_snow_2016 (replace with fy_snow) 4. Kuo tai bus naudinga projektui?: It could bring more players in the server. Old maps are getting boring so let's add some exciting maps to the server. _________________________________________________________ You guys can suggest which maps you want to be added in the server in the new map updates. Write map names with link!
  14. -Foxie

    New maps #1

    Added new maps and removed old and bugged maps. Special thanks to server administrator @Gembaz2 for adding the maps. You can now play in them and enjoy.
  15. Jesus Christ , my man. 1. "so guys"? , you gotta ask for unban from staff, "GUYS" can't help you there. 2. Do you know what is the correct format you use for posts here? They aren't made for getting ignored. 3. You could've ask the player for demo. As you saw his level, he seems to be a regular player and he has played here before. That's why his level is SpY. You can ban players after refusing to upload demo. I am the "Original Player" and "A123" and I play with sounds. I killed you in fy_snow map the whole time, why didn't you spectate me there btw. Let me share the demos too for you and mr.zoya , you might have cry for "sUpeRvisOr uSiNg hAcKs". Also, I should say, you banned me 2 times and you should have get banned for 2 days and x2 warnings and you might lose your admin for freeban. You should be thankful for that. * First demo - Second demo * Rejected for not using correct format and invalid report. Moved to admin/player report category. lock.
  16. -Foxie

    t e r m e r is hacker

    At the first, i should say you didn't even spectate him for 5 minutes totally, How do you except me to ban him for Wallhack? Second, Did you ban that much people for WH like this? and the last, Why did you make 3 different threads? You had to enter the same information in the first thread you made. Also whats the point of saying "check foxie"? Like i wouldn't check it or something? Just to farm posts? You will receive a warning point for Spamming and blocked from creating content for 2 days. Rejected. Demo clean.
  17. -Foxie

    t e r m e r is hacker

    Moved to Player/Admin report category. Use the following format to report or your request will be rejected.
  18. Wait for your reply? you've already took long to reply, The topic should have been locked until now. Anyways, Screenshots and Demos are clean and you wont be banned for not uploading DEMO/SS. But, you free banned and you will be still in ban for it. Have an amazing night! lock
  19. Use the correct reporting format and provide a demo to prove your words. Next time if you make a nonsense thread, you'll be blocked from creating a content. lock
  20. cstrike --> dustzero0000 + dustzero0001 + dustzero0002 + dustzero0003 + dustzero0004. Upload them all.
  21. Leave the server right now, not next time. You might get hurt worse. L 07/06/2022 - 19:37:37: -AngeL: buddy L 07/06/2022 - 19:37:41: Buddy: ? L 07/06/2022 - 19:37:42: -AngeL: upload ss L 07/06/2022 - 19:37:53: Buddy: for what L 07/06/2022 - 19:37:57: -AngeL: upload You gave a 7d ban to a player who asked for SS but you only shared demo and you had an argument. Grow up. Rejected for not using correct format. lock
  22. Okay , as I see the situation is like: Angel asks Buddy for SS. Buddy refuses at the first time but Angel limits him and gives him only 5 minutes. Buddy uploads demo in forum, They both have a nonsense argument in forum. They both go in game , Buddy bans angel for a weird reason with 7d ban length. Until here, I found out the ban Buddy gave to Angel was a freeban. Angel gets unbanned and Admin Buddy received a ban for 1d for freeban. So we go back to topic, I need 5 screenshots from you Buddy. Upload the screenshots as soon as possible.
  23. I can see it perfectly, would you mind stop farming posts and replying to every single thread or I should block you from making threads and replies? Don't reply
  24. Upload the screenshots too, Buddy. I want to see them.
  25. -Foxie

    got free ban

    Demo clean.I also should mention , Admin @RT@ left the game after the ban which proves that was a free ban due to dying too much. He got 24h ban for free ban. Unbanned and lock.