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AURA8 paskutinį kartą laimėjo Liepa 23 2021

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  1. AURA8

    Free ban Zoya

    u cant change map before 5min time left. it dosent matter that others say change map.
  2. AURA8

    free ban Aura :)

    topic locked.
  3. AURA8

    aura abuseing admin and free/kick

    and now he dont even answer anything. only dislike all my comments just sad to see how childish can someone be topic lock ed.
  4. AURA8

    aura abuseing admin and free/kick

    okay my fault that i kicked u. should have banned u right away. sorry for giving u change to play without braking any rules
  5. AURA8

    aura abuseing admin and free/kick

    + i even warned you in chat 2min before kick that its not allowed. and still u do that.
  6. AURA8

    aura abuseing admin and free/kick

    its so sad how stupid people will get :'D you use map bug, being admin u should know thats not allowed! i kick everyone who uses mapbugs or mapwalk. first time kick, if dont understand, next time ban. keep trying!
  7. AURA8

    Free Ban

    demo clean. unbanned.
  8. AURA8

    free ban Aura :)

    and now u have nothing else to say only dislike my comments. what a person :'D
  9. AURA8

    free ban Aura :)

    thats the problem. u dont care about evedence they offer u. he upload 2 demos in 1 day and u havent seen any of them and keep banning him . its make u the person who freebans people.
  10. AURA8

    free ban Aura :)

    so what u say here is if some players plays better than you, u dont even think about asking demo before ban, u just ban him right away and dont care about evedence. everyday same thing. u just want everyone who plays better than you out of server. and dont care about people who play fairly and getting abused by admins who has lost common sense -.-
  11. AURA8

    free ban Aura :)

    u dont even know how to watch demos. what u talking about. he upload at least 2 demos everyday. and then comes stasenas who hasnt heard anything, hasent seen anything and start ban. and dont even care if evedence are offered or not. what a admin.
  12. AURA8

    free, ban aura

    its just sad that person dont know how to lose in game. so he do anything for revange. startin from telling lies in forum, freeban after getting killed multiple times and talk shit in server chat. very childish behavior.
  13. AURA8


    talk about " making sure". u ban him every day and dont even watch hes demos or anything. everyone who is better than u in game is hacker right away. and dont even care about evedence what they offer you.
  14. AURA8

    SaD / Freeban

    Demo clean, unbanned. Admin warned