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  1. noax

    SS for Noax

  2. noax


    @[CO-Owner] D@RK | KNIGHT
  3. noax

    Ss stas

    He only asked me for a ss and i uploaded it i lost that demo by now
  4. noax


    @[V3S] K!LL3R Beast banned him for not uploading a wg idk shit happends
  5. noax

    Ss stas

    fy_new_pool_day0002.bmp fy_new_pool_day0001.bmp fy_new_pool_day0000.bmp fy_new_pool_day0004.bmp fy_new_pool_day0003.bmp
  6. 1. Your nickname in the game: noax`2. offending player Nick: Katinas Kuri Visi Myli.=)*3. SS / Demo Evidence [required]: Which DEMO in privileged player guilty? (The beginning / in the middle / end): ending5. privileged player misconduct, an explanation of how what happened : He free votebanned me then he came back somehow and banned me for 3 hours even though hes the one who started it..
  7. noax

    SS asarelei stasenui

    I was camping i gave him money to kill you
  8. noax

    SS asarelei stasenui

    I give him money so he can kill stasenas
  9. noax


    It says no cheat signature that means it didint detect any hacks because i dont hack
  10. noax


    @Stasenas LT????
  11. noax


    1. Your game nickname / NICK in the game ?: noax` 2. Administrator Nickname from which you were blocked: Stasenas LT 3. SS / Demo Evidence [REQUIRED]: 4. Ban reason: Demo/ss i foruma 5. Enter the ban link or information from the console [Optional]: 6. Are you a STEAM or NON-STEAM player? [Optional]: non 7. Describe the situation: i am tired of this guy accusing me of hacks even though i uploaded so many demos and screen shots and now he free banned me..what am i supposed to do for this guy de_dustzero0000.bmp de_dustzero0004.bmp de_dustzero0003.bmp de_dustzero0002.bmp de_dustzero0001.bmp
  12. noax

    Second ss

  13. noax

    Second ss

    @Stasenas LT
  14. noax

    Second ss

    de_rats_13370000.bmp de_rats_13370004.bmp de_rats_13370003.bmp de_rats_13370002.bmp de_rats_13370001.bmp