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aru paskutinį kartą laimėjo Liepa 1 2020

aru turėjo geriausiai įvertintą turinį!


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  1. aru

    Free Ban

  2. aru

    Free Ban

    @osama he uses several diff names and used aim with diff names i banned him 2 times in same server de_rats
  3. i am palying on my old ip bcz its mine so what is the issue with that one??? its my ip not any other players ip
  4. aru

    demo for unban

    see same ip with this name and [PAK] Aru name bcz that was my name
  5. aru

    demo for unban

    i havent played with this name for many days and now m on top 15 or 14 i didnt change my ip
  6. aru

    demo for unban

    i didnt changed any ip bro i just reinstalled my game and was playing with my previous nam [AK LEADER] Aru i was top 3 with this name
  7. aru

    demo for unban

    agron free banned me 3 times minus that
  8. aru

    demo for unban

    i gave u demo then that was a waste of time rright?
  9. aru

    demo for unban
  10. aru

    PAK Aru

    @osama i didnt changed my ip i even DK how to use aim
  11. aru

    PAK Aru

    what i have to do?
  12. aru

    PAK Aru

    agron banned me again y?? wtf he wants??
  13. aru

    PAK Aru

    please unban me AGRON banned me without any reason i am PAK Aru