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  1. osama

    UnBan appeal (SteFaN)

    I dont know if its just for me, but demo is so laggy that I cant even understant what is going on...
  2. osama

    Gembaz2 prisistato jums

    Vasario 9 redaguota, butu vasario 14 tada sirdute uzdeciau P.S. Mldc ciuvas
  3. Please put this to Privilegijuotų pažeidėjų reportavimas - Counter-Strike 1.6 serveriai (uzas.lt), this section probably nobody reads.
  4. osama

    Free Ban

    1. Nicks doesnt match 2. Admins doesnt match 3. Demos doesnt match. What are you trying to do here ?
  5. osama

    unban kendrick lamar swimming pools

    @kodak Imesk demo i mediafire.com, kaip vkz minejo is kitos salies neatidaro zippy.
  6. osama

    noax cyter

    He was with Immortality. Galit cia paziureti. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0v0fgkwwdjsi9qv/Counter-Strike_2020-10-22_15-49-29.mp4/file UNBANNED.
  7. osama


    Dabar jau zinai Kita kart nezinojimas neatleis nuo atsakomybes UNBANNED.
  8. osama


  9. osama


    But no problem, I recorded you too Here is link to this file http://www.mediafire.com/file/51obkdvpdkxdr19/Counter-Strike_2020-10-18_21-24-35.mp4/file
  10. osama


    You uploaded demo from italy map, I banned you in eldorado.
  11. osama

    Cheater djomb

    Zaidejui ban pakeistas i "Amzinas".
  12. osama

    Cheater djomb

    Failams ikelti naudojm mediafire.com please. zippy neatidaro labai daug kam ir labai senai.
  13. osama


    Good idea
  14. @[PAK] ElectriC @LM10 people like he is eating and living from you attention they like when you write comments and complaining all the time. All what you need to do is ignore them. Chat with them should look like: Kurve: hey electric Electric: Kurve: your family xxxxx Electric: /mute 1.Kurve. Few days like this and he will be gone. If he writes you in PM don't write anything back. IGNORE. If you are not ignoring people like him, then you need to work with your ego.
  15. @LM10 good job 😁👍 @wajdan your time has come, or should I call you Waqas 🙄😁 Anyway I think everyone made a decision. So this case is closed. 🙂