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Steven Zhang:) paskutinį kartą laimėjo Sausis 31 2022

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  1. 1. Your nick in game: Steven Zhang 2. Nick of the rule breaker: maybe Angle or PurGe 3. SS/DEMO proof [a must]: 4. In which part of the demo did the admin break the rules [beginning, middle, end]?: end.. 5. Which rule has been violated?: changeing map without of rule, with one votemap.. 6. Describe the situation: (edited)
  2. Steven Zhang:)


    [Uzas.LT] Adminas -Foxie perkl aidj Steven Zhang:) TERRORIST komand [8:25 AM] INFO] Player Steven Zhang:) automatically was transfered to contr-terrorists [8:25 AM] [Uzas.LT] Adminas -Foxie perkl aidj Steven Zhang:) TERRORIST komand See This It Is a Wrong Plz I Am Request You.You Dont Give The Kids Supervisor.
  3. Steven Zhang:)

    [2021] [EN] Supervisors collection

    1. Nickname you use in-game * Steven Zhang:) 2. Your Age: * 25 3. Have you been a supervisor in other projects? ( Yes/No - If yes, for how long and why you left?) * No. 4. Are you able to distinguish players who use cheats from ordinary well-playing players?: * Yes. 5. Have you used cheats or any other extra files which make the game easier?: * No 6. Approximately how much time do you spend on servers per day/week? * Minimum/atleast 9 hours a day, (24 hours a week). 7. Do you play only on the servers of this project?: * Yes . 8. Which servers of this project do you visit most often?: * CSDM 9. Are you familiar with the AMX commands required for full supervision of server?: * Yes I am . 10. How do you perceive the duties of a Supervisor?: * Supervisors must be active in game and forum ,Discord.supervisour need to check players and admins whos broke the rules and need to give him punishment , supervisour need to do justice on player and admins . They should know how to decide at every single situations.Supervisors must check all parts of demos before having an action on the player (ban/unban/reports).They must know AMX commands and how to use them.They need to be Responsible to Players/Administrators for their mistakes. 11. Do you understand that supervisors must follow not only the rules but also the existing situations, always determine the punishment according to the circumstances - be neither too strict nor too forgiving ?: * Yes. 12. Your Skype or Discord: *Steven Zhang:) - Steven Zhang:)#5499 13. Do you have a microphone?: * Yes I do 14. Write a few sentences about yourself, describing your good and bad qualities, hobbies, character: * i like to have friends but not who try to use me. Would love to be a friend with you :D. 15. Record a short audio recording in which you should mention your name, age, game nickname, and any additional information that you think would be helpful to complete the form: * Think you all know me and my voice already. i can show in in the voice call.  REJECTED
  4. Steven Zhang:)

    SS\DEMO for Steven Zhang

    Thx For Upload SS
  5. Steven Zhang:)

    Steven Zhang:)

    yesterday you check my demo and you say good demo
  6. Steven Zhang:)

    Steven Zhang:)

  7. Steven Zhang:)

    Steven Zhang:)

    Plz now unban me i am play game
  8. Steven Zhang:)

    Steven Zhang:)

    DEMO Aagin
  9. Steven Zhang:)

    Steven Zhang:)

    @osama @scott agron ban me again what he want ..when ever he wants ban player wtf he made me angry...u know even i didnot play game i am in spec ..plz unban me now and plz ban him
  10. Steven Zhang:)

    Unban caLypso 1.g

    You go say To @osama
  11. Steven Zhang:)

    Unban caLypso 1.g

    its not chnge from cs ..
  12. Steven Zhang:)

    Unban caLypso 1.g

    check this
  13. Steven Zhang:)

    Unban caLypso 1.g

    You Are Ip changer.
  14. Steven Zhang:)

    Steven Zhang:)

    Plz Unbanned me.
  15. Steven Zhang:)


    My demo ...OWNER plz unban me ...Agron ban me with shit reason i didnot do anything i just go in server nd he ban me he also ban player with other name plz report this.. i am in top1 so he jealous about this