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  1. Aynsford_95


    And free slay)
  2. Aynsford_95


    1. Your nick in game: [UZAS] Player 2. Nick of the admin that banned you : CC$ |no1? 3. SS/DEMO proof [A MUST] :https://files.fm/u/sd6r8nxe2 4. Ban reason : make it ip ban 5. Ban link or information from console [not necessary] : 6. Are you steamed or non steamed? [not necessary] : 7. Describe the situation ban...
  3. Aynsford_95

    Server update

    I think many players have noticed that very few players and even fewer new players have been joining the server lately. I have a guess that this is because the server is unbalanced, there is too much difference between old players and new players, and much more difference between privileged players and new players, new players enter the server and cannot do anything with other players because they have more HP and damage, and because there is almost always an administrator present and almost always a map that administrators easily capture and make a prison out of it, new players of course are not interested in always dying. And with that in mind, I propose. ____________________________________ 1 - Remove the free VIP that is issued automatically and make it so that only players registered on the site receive the VIP, and write detailed information about this on the server in the form of pop-up notifications. _____________________________________ 2 - I suggest to remove HP and damage bonuses for leveling up, instead add a bonus in the form of an increase in the amount of money received for killing and an increase in the maximum amount of money for each level up, and to this you can add a privilege, which is issued for 1-2 hours as a temporary bonus, for leveling up starting from level 5-7. _____________________________________ 3 - I also propose to remove cards that are easy to capture and instead add the well-known and popular big cards "dust" ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4 - Significantly weaken privileges or make them different so that instead of points they give certain bonuses in the form of a significant increase in money, and or make a special VIP menu in which you can take a certain amount of money every 10 minutes, for example 30k and add to this menu for players with the privilege of a special bank in which you can store a certain amount of money, about 300k, which can be taken at any time, even the next day or week, and also add to this menu the spawn of a certain number of gifts in the specified place, so that these gifts are updated 1 gift every 2 minutes. 1) VIP: +1 gift in 2 minutes. Bank 325k: Free money 10k in 10 minutes. 2) Super VIP: - +1 gift after 1 minute 45 seconds. Bank 375k: Free money 16k in 10 minutes. 3)Admin: +1 gift after 1 minute 20 seconds. Bank 425k: Free money 27k in 10 minutes. 4) Super Admin: +1 gift after 1 minute. Bank 500k: Free money 40k in 10 minutes. 5)Mega Admin: Remove privilege. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 - Significantly weaken all abilities pumped to the maximum level, now the maximum damage on the server is + 1000%, I suggest setting the maximum damage to + 300% for all players, setting the maximum amount of HP to 400 for ordinary players and 450 for players with any privileges. _____________________________________ 6 - increase ability cost. 1) 10 HP = $1000 2) Damage +10% = $2500. _____________________________________ 7 - Will reduce the maximum number of spawns that 1 player can capture from 32 to 10 and increase the profit per spawn from $100 to $150-175 _____________________________________ You can think of something else for the VIP menu, but it seems to me that this is quite enough. I think that such a server will attract the attention of players and online will increase.
  4. Aynsford_95


    and I am for removing the fy_snow, dustzero cards, and indeed all the cards on which it is easy to make a prison, because they are mainly chosen by the admins to create a prison and raise the rating, then they will hide. and before appearing they buy invulnerability and immediately run away хd
  5. Aynsford_95

    New maps #1

    I will tell you my opinion, in general I support all the proposals. But personally, I am against adding the fy_snow_pool map, it's too easy to make the prison worse than a simple fy_snow, and therefore I am in favor of replacing fy_snow with fy_snow_2016
  6. Aynsford_95

    ss\demo for angel

    cs_assault20120002.bmp cs_assault20120001.bmp cs_assault20120000.bmp cs_assault20120004.bmp cs_assault20120003.bmp
  7. Aynsford_95

    ss\demo for angel

    demo - https://files.fm/u/n2dhcvyp3 ss - https://ru.imgbb.com/
  8. Aynsford_95

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    he wants admin privilege and not sVIP
  9. Aynsford_95

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    Marin abuses his privilege by asking for a demo too often
  10. Aynsford_95

    Sedoi free ban

    yes, my personal invisible cheat XD
  11. Aynsford_95

    Sedoi free ban

    1. Your nick in game: FINGAL 2. Nick of the admin that banned you : Sedoi 3. SS/DEMO proof [A MUST] : https://files.fm/u/5bvjj3fw8 4. Ban reason : cheater WH and AIM 5. Ban link or information from console [not necessary] : 6. Are you steamed or non steamed? [not necessary] : 7. Describe the situation : ...
  12. Aynsford_95

    free ban DomasBrigada

    1. Your nick in game:FINGAL 2. Nick of the admin that banned you : DomasBrigada 3. SS/DEMO proof [A MUST] : https://files.fm/u/8ap48axx3 4. Ban reason : Demo\ss i forum I gave him one demo from the previous map and on this one he banned me, it is obvious that he banned me just so that he would not bother him
  13. Aynsford_95

    demo for DomasBrigada

    By FINGAL demo - https://files.fm/u/57j78wuu6
  14. Aynsford_95

    Muhammad Haris

    at first he played without cheats, but when I killed him he went out and turned on cheats on the snow map
  15. 1. Jūsų Slapyvardis žaidime: FINGAL2. Nusižengusio žaidėjo Slapyvardis: Muhammad Haris3. SS/Demo Įrodymai: demo 1 - https://files.fm/u/nnxha8y4t demo 2 - https://files.fm/u/cw4gm6dvn4. Kurioje DEMO dalyje žaidėjas nusižengė?(Pradžioje/viduryje/pabaigoje): 1 pradzioje 1 pabaigoje5. Kokią pagalbinę programą naudojo nusižengęs žaidėjas?[Nebūtina]: autoshot6. Jeigu žaidėjas turėjo kokią nors paslaugą, ar pageidaujate ją turėti?[TAIP/NE]: .... STEAM_1:0:1986965536 one demo clearly shows that it has cheats