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  1. Aynsford_95

    free ban Wind969

    the administrator should not be a fool who asks for a demo because he was killed 2 times, learn to play first, no one is obliged to give you a demo or ss after he killed you, learn to watch better
  2. Aynsford_95

    free ban Wind969

    dream on, I won’t give them to you simply because you are too arrogant хd
  3. 1. Your nickname: FINGAL 2. Name of the player who broke the rules: Wind969 3. SS/Demo [Mandatory]: Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.dem 4. In which part of the demo player broke the rules (beginning/middle/end): end 5. Brief explanation: when I went to the server and killed him 1 or 2 times he immediately started asking me for ss, but before asking for a demo or ss, the administrator should watch me better, he banned me xd
  4. 1. Your nickname: [Uzas] Player 2. Name of the player who broke the rules: ProToTyPe 3. SS/Demo [Mandatory]: Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.dem Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem 4. In which part of the demo player broke the rules (beginning/middle/end): end 5. Brief explanation:  came up with his own rules then kicked both of us and then banned me, and this is not the first such case, he banned me and kicked me before because he couldn’t kill me, and I killed him a lot, 2 days ago.
  5. looks everywhere for my comments and puts negative ratings, baby, look how many times I was banned and this is only from this account, on this server I was banned more than 100 times and none of those who banned me because of cheating could not prove that I cheater, but you were offended like a child xd
  6. if i have WH baby, prove it and you kicked me again when i killed you coward
  7. 1. Your nickname: [UZAS] Player 2. Name of the player who broke the rules: BaTuoTaS KaTiNaS PuKiS 3. SS/Demo [Mandatory]: demo 1 - https://files.fm/u/9qt7p9vdn demo 2 - https://files.fm/u/jfnf4jd6w 4. In which part of the demo player broke the rules (beginning/middle/end): end 5. Brief explanation: I killed him 2 times in a row and he kicked me for it I went in and asked why he kicked me and he kicked me again I went in again and said that I would file a complaint against him and he banned me. Аnd it’s not the first time he kicks me, he also kicked me when we played 1 on 1 with another player on the server there was no one else, he came in kicked me and left, I demand to take away his privilege and let the rules teach
  8. 1. Your nick in game: [Uzas] Player2. Nick of the rule breaker: Liudvis3. SS/DEMO proof [a must]: https://files.fm/u/83e9vekqy 4. In which part of the demo did the admin break the rules [beginning, middle, end]?: end5. Which rule has been violated?: ban for 7 days6. Describe the situation: after I killed him several times, he followed me to see and banned for 7 days because of the demo on the forum, but before that he did not ask me to upload the demo and after I uploaded the demo he did not watch this demo
  9. Aynsford_95


    you were banned almost a month ago, I think it's too late now to check this demo in 21 days, you can do a lot xd
  10. Aynsford_95

    demo for Liudvis by [Uzas] Player

    I'm almost sure that he won't even watch the demo, he banned me just so that I don't interfere with his playing хd
  11. Aynsford_95

    demo for Liudvis by [Uzas] Player

    https://files.fm/u/83e9vekqy before banning you should just request a demo, ban only if I refused or ignored, and now unban me just like you banned, smart guy or I will create a complaint against you hh
  12. Aynsford_95

    free ban by LONI

    1. Your nick in game: [Uzas] Player 2. Nick of the admin that banned you : L O N I 3. SS/DEMO proof [A MUST] : https://files.fm/u/ke244z7cj 4. Ban reason : AIM und wh all the time 5. Ban link or information from console [not necessary] : 6. Are you steamed or non steamed? [not necessary] : 7. Describe the situation : free ban...
  13. Aynsford_95


    or your belief that I am a cheater disappears for fear of losing the privilege, because you know that you are a liar)
  14. Aynsford_95


    and if you want me to stop, try to prove that I have cheats, then they should block my account and I will not bypass the block, besides, you are an administrator, ban me when I enter the server if you are sure that I have cheats You are calling me a cheater.
  15. Aynsford_95


    there is enough demo here, SS you can watch in another topic if you want