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  1. Murzyn

    freee ban ,ask add last demos @Gembaz2.

    Someone who is talking about disrespect is writting things like this 🤣🤣🤣
  2. i will just copy that and make another topic on forum
  3. Which one if you didnt even do any ss? Ok here you go, and if i will be clean i want supervisors to take your admin Here is my demo if you want
  4. Unbanning from ss/demo can lasts 2-5 days so i think admins who uses that on innocent players should have lose their admin forever
  5. 1. Jūsų Slapyvardis žaidime: Murzyn2. Nusižengusio žaidėjo Slapyvardis: 8k-mangokush3. SS/Demo Įrodymai:attachments4. Kurioje DEMO dalyje žaidėjas nusižengė?(pradžioje/viduryje/pabaigoje): start5. Kuo nusikalto žaidėjas?: free bans. Banned me because i was better in playing than he, saying ss/demo for wallhack reason. He didnt even do any ss on me to check if i really have any wh. How he even wanted to check it? Im also admin and im playing too long to have WH. Much people know me in game and he also and im 999% sure he know that im not cheating but i was killing him and i was lowering his rank so he banned me. Please supervisors do something with this free bans because every who will pay 2 euro can ban with reason SS/DEMO. Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem
  6. men you didnt even spec him to ban him- you broke 2.5 2.9 3.0 admin rule. Everyone is shooting though walls, being better is no reason to ban someone. after that you ban someone for calling you noob for 10 hours - for that is mute/ban 20-120 min - read rules as for me ban was right.
  7. Murzyn

    New maps

    Pasiūlymų anketa: 1. Jūsų žaidimo Slapyvardis/Nick: murzyn 2. Kam skirtas pasiūlymas?[Svetainei/serveriams]:??? my translator has blow up 3. Jūsų pasiūlymas: Please add new maps to server as old ones are already old and its boring to play 24/7 same maps. List od examples: De_westwood De_Dust_2 De_Tuscan dm_city_battle2 dm_dustarena dm_keikutin de_lake_csgo cs_whitexmas And more... You can also change that in night mode there would be more small maps as cs_estate fy_snow fy_out fy_pool_day and more... 4. Kuo tai bus naudinga projektui?: better playing, wide choice of maps. All maps you can find here:
  8. Murzyn


    Why do I need to do this 4th time? Get some honour, admins... cs_estate0002.bmp cs_estate0001.bmp cs_estate0000.bmp cs_estate0004.bmp cs_estate0003.bmp Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.dem
  9. Murzyn

    Wind Report

    im not talking about shooting though walls, im talking about this one spot in this map where you can see where every players are, textures. He was using it and he killed me because he could see me from that spot. I know this map is bugged but admin shouldnt use these bugs. Instead he should take care for everyone to dont use this bugs
  10. Murzyn

    Wind Report

    No its not as if you gonna go from the other side of this wall and climb up, you will see where everybody is, like a wallhack. Thats why he could perform a headshot with one shot though this wall, he just saw me where i was.
  11. 1. Jūsų Slapyvardis žaidime: murzyn 2. Nusižengusio žaidėjo Slapyvardis: wind 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai: 4. Kurioje DEMO dalyje žaidėjas nusižengė?(pradžioje/viduryje/pabaigoje): ending 5. Kuo nusikalto žaidėjas?: Shooting from textures on css_nuke. has killed me twice from textures. Clear visible at very ending of demo. Look at this wall marked on my SS. Even with his admin points he can't play fair, thats why i think he shouldnt be admin. Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.dem
  12. Murzyn

    Unban Murzyn again and again

    Im sick of this as this night i had mood to play CS, which comes not often to me, and 10 min after joining i'm banned for NO REASON (being better than admin is not a reason).
  13. Dear admins, if someone is playing better than you, that doesnt mean that he is cheating. Please unban me and if You has banned and checked me so many times could you please put me on whitelist? THANKS cs_max0004.bmp cs_max0003.bmp cs_max0002.bmp cs_max0001.bmp cs_max0000.bmp
  14. 1. Jūsų Slapyvardis žaidime: Murzyn 2. Nusižengusio žaidėjo Slapyvardis: Asas3. SS/Demo Įrodymai[BŪTINA]: on this bigger demo there is my playing until ive found out that player have aim. On smaller demo there is only my SPEC on the aimer 4. Kurioje DEMO dalyje privilegijuotas žaidėjas nusižengė?(Pradžioje/viduryje/pabaigoje): middle/end5. Privilegijuoto žaidėjo nusižengimas, paaiškinimas, kaip kas įvyko: Not banning aim player. I was reporting to him that one player have AIM (its clear on demo) and he doesnt react. To make it official i've waited 15 min before checking that again. On demo is visible that this player have aim and he's playing with Asas. On screenshot there are my reports to asas, as on demo there is no chat talks. Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.dem
  15. Murzyn

    SS murzyn