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  1. Mudasir Ahmad

    [2022-12-01] Statistikos restartas!

    [S.VIP] Assassin ✔ NICE keep it up.gembaz please check the server 4fun wrong bans the players.he is need to top please check the bans list and logs.Thanks :)
  2. Mudasir Ahmad

    [2022-11-01] Statistikos restartas!

    nice assassin best of luck i will come back in uzas but here is some problem so i cant play cs :))
  3. Mudasir Ahmad

    Server update

    I Think sentries and dipenser need to remove for freevip and Admin will build only dispenser not sentries..The Points of Admins and Freevips will be removed and add Extra Damage to Privileges..- I also suggest to remove HP and damage bonuses for leveling up..Add New Awp maps like Awp_india2 and Awp _zigzagmap of Awp..
  4. Mudasir Ahmad

    [2022-09-01] Statistikos restartas!

    i dont have active ban right now
  5. Mudasir Ahmad

    [2022-09-01] Statistikos restartas!

    why i dont get admin
  6. Mudasir Ahmad

    Demo SS For Anjel

    Munna is not uploading demo i give him 22 hours time for uploading demo..and i think that is much time for uploading demo but he does not upload..soo i ban him..
  7. Mudasir Ahmad

    Demo SS For Anjel

    And Adminstration must need to watch this topic..
  8. Mudasir Ahmad

    Demo SS For Anjel

    Munna i wait you on forum still 2 hours.. But u cant upload demo.You ask me that i will upload but you cant and i am doubt about that you will play with hacks may be or not..soo thats why i ask you to upload demo if you cant upload demo still morning soo i will give you ban of 1 day for not uploading demo.. For your information i ask you 2 times to upload demo but you still run always time..
  9. Mudasir Ahmad

    Demo SS For Anjel

    Munna last time i am asking you upload demo and ss but you run the game but i still wating you for your demo ?if you are not upload demo so munna i am ban you.
  10. Mudasir Ahmad

    Buddy noob ban

    Adminstration @Foxie and @Gembaz check this topic earlier.. When i will complete the limit of ban then you will Check the topic ?
  11. Mudasir Ahmad

    Buddy noob ban

    Ok Only unban me .Dont give punishment to Buddy. But Next Time Be Care Fullly.
  12. Mudasir Ahmad

    Buddy noob ban

    1. Your nick in game: -AngeL 2. Nick of the admin that banned you : Buddy 3. SS/DEMO proof [A MUST] : Ban reason : aim wh 5. Ban link or information from console [not necessary] :... 6. Are you steamed or non steamed? [not necessary] : non steam 7. Describe the situation :i did check on discord anyone use my nick and play game. When i join the game Admin Buddy ban me For 1 Week. (aim wh).
  13. Mudasir Ahmad

    Break rules Buddy

    Have you Any Prove. if you have prove then send here and make a topic.Simple
  14. Mudasir Ahmad

    Break rules Buddy

    Wait Until Foxie Reply..And Yes you are Right that foxie can check the logs and he do it soon.And need to Nominated 4 maps but you nominates only 2.. Before the nominated you dont use the amx vote command..
  15. 1. Your nick in game:-AngeL2. Nick of the rule breaker:Buddy3. SS/DEMO proof [a must]: Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem4. In which part of the demo did the admin break the rules [beginning, middle, end]?: EnD5. Which rule has been violated?: Wrong change map with voting..6. Describe the situation:He add only one map in voting..If My demo is wrong then check logs of de _dustzero map..there is Problem with my demo..He shows old demo.. Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem