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  1. Its Wasting * Improve your English
  2. stefan

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    wtf bruh from where i find the demo of fy snow
  3. stefan

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    so he should earn it not instead of banning the opponent rank player
  4. stefan

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    the demo of de dust zero continued to fy snow maybe
  5. stefan

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    i only have only these two demos otherwise i dont have any other
  6. stefan

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    I know why he banned me because of my rank , he knows that i will get top2 or top3 in this month thats why he did it .Its all about rank
  7. stefan

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    here's the 2nd demo check this Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem
  8. stefan

    Got Free Ban (SteFaN)

    1.Your nick in game:SteFaN 2.Nick of the admin that ban you:marin 3.SS/Demo proof :Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.dem 4.Ban Reason :Free Ban 5.Describe the situation: as i was playing at de dust zero ,marin was killing every one and had already made jail so when map changed to fy_now at first everything goin normal when i make jail on them so marin try many time to kill me but alll his attempts get failed so he realize he can't kill me because i have half damage ,he goes to spectact and me for no reason for 1 week by saying upload demo
  9. stefan

    UnBan appeal (SteFaN)

    when my ping get fix i join the server and start making jail on cts as i do everytime but umbro knows i have no cheat ,as he watching me but i dont know why Lapinasas Ban me for no reason
  10. stefan

    UnBan appeal (SteFaN)

    At that time i have lag because of high ping
  11. stefan

    UnBan appeal (SteFaN)

    Unban Appeal Nick:SteFaN Admin Nick:Lapinass Demo:Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO1.demUzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO2.dem Ban Reason: Upload Demo on Forum Describe Situation : Ban Reason: In Map of de dust Zero I was playing and lapinass,umbro were in cts while i was in T , When i make jail on them They Can't kill me Because i had full damage So lapinass goes to sepectact and starting watching me ,after few mins he ban me by saying that upload demo