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ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co paskutinį kartą laimėjo Rugpjūtis 6 2023

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  1. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co


    hello @`DesTroYeR, General Chad is @-Foxie and he banned you because in the past you using illegal CFGS and you didn't upload your old demo. now if you want to pay then buy unban (2 EURO).
  2. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co

    free ban

    yes, Foxie know Urdu Properly and don't talk about scam. you're big scammer everyone know Have (proof) but i didn't want to explain all here because this is my personal matter.
  3. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co


    SS + DEMO is clean thanks for uploading... but idk that you're Buddy because you change your name so i ask you for Demo.and i didn't want to get more kills for Get TOP1.and as a ADMIN it's my responsibility to check normals players..Thanks
  4. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co

    free ban

    Foxie you can watch the demo he say i fuck you monther this time i ban you zoya 30 min if you use again this words so next time ready for 1 week enjoy 30 min
  5. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co


    # BoyCott Noor= Daba Packing ya lo (jider be hu tum logo sy bohat ameer hu ) (tum logo ke tara her kise sy admin nhi manghta ) I have too many proof but I will not give you here I am just waiting Scott #BoyCott Noor = Daba Packing Wala file[1]
  6. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co


    I have proof only I ask you to upload the demo ss in zero map if you have any proof against me so pls upload him when I ask you to upload the demo and ss you are ignoring me and why you left the game and you are uploading demo and ss after 2 hours when I am sleeping nicely Mr. Buddy or player
  7. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co


    and Foxie when I ask Zoya to upload the demo and ss I am waiting 4 hours he did not the demo and ss in the forum then you will not take action ..this is not my mistake i asked to buddy upload the demo in the forum he is not replying to me and left the game and Foxie always i can't see the forums
  8. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co


    you and your cousin Mr. Zoya behavior bad #Boycott Chokidar = Zoya #BoyCott Teddy = Daba Packing
  9. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co


    teddy why you are insulting my family I give you a warning from the last map but you still continuously to insulting my and my family
  10. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co


    i know mate .viewdemo
  11. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co

    [2023-08-01] Statistikos restartas!

    Congratulations to all Winners
  12. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co

    ss by tinzy

    don't worry about it. I know how to check Demo..Mr. Old man
  13. ubaidahmed9999999@gmail.co

    ss by tinzy

    I told you to upload a demo +5 ss i need your demo..if you do not upload a paintball demo then... I will ban you I don't wait for you ...I told you already 5 hours ago then you are ignoring me...