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Sup from FPS_

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Your nickname for the game / NickName ?: FPS_
Your real name ?: Emils
Your age?: 21
What city are you from ?: Riga / Latvia
What are your hobbies ?: im playing volleyball, now on high level 😎 then i am like photographer but amateur, and my hobbie is play cs 1.6 only, and idk if that is hobbie but im repairin my bmw and my friends, so yeah i know well about that, BMW E30 cabrio, E36 cabrio, E24 6 series, E46 sedan, e46 is like winter beater xDD and drift car, but yeah🤘
What are the good and bad qualities of your personality ?: I am a very honest person and I always say that how it is, I am not embellishing everything, and yeah i can send demo 24/7 🤣
Do you have pets, if so, who are they ?: yeah i have cat ( brown with white )

How did you find out about this project ?: ammm  honestly random xDD idk how i find but yeah I'm very glad I found it
What are you or do you promise to achieve in this project ?: for real i will be very happy if i get supervisor statuss, then i could terminate the trash admin and watching some kids like waqas how to ban and more, but if not, then i will play here long coz i like players here and admins ( Verhas, Aura, BenLaDen and more ) of course supervisor ( Aironas, Vkz )
Your photo [OPTIONAL]: ammm if ya all using Instagram u can watch my profile: beerzins_

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hey nice too have new players playng on uzas :) , and Verhas and vkz is the same persion (me) and im not supervisor  XD 

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