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                                                                 1. Nickname of your game / Nick: [PAK] TiTuS.
                                                                                             2. Your age: 15
3. Have you been a Server Manager in other projects? (Yes / No - If YES, how long? For what have you been thrown out / left?): No Bro i am not ❤️
4. Are you able to distinguish players who use game-based games from simple, well-playing players ?: Yes,i am.

                                                           5. Have you used any other aids? If so, what?No.
6. How long do you spend on servers per day / week ?: Bro i play here both nicks i play here much time 3 nick's  D@RK | KNIGHT,, Stranger ,, [PAK] TiTuS.
7. Do you only play on this project's servers ?: Yeah,this one more,i play a little on other uzas and jailsas's servers.

                                                       8. Which servers on this project do you visit most often ?: CSDM

                                9. Do you know the AMX commands well for full server maintenance ?: Yes bro Ofcourse
10. How do you understand the role of the Supervisor ?: Yes,its a role that can control,if you have it,you have to play and talk with players seriously.You have Anti-Ban,You can do everything.You have to manage admins to they dont mistake ❤️
1. Do you understand that supervisors must follow not only the rules but also the existing situations, always set the penalty according to the seriousness of the offense, be neither too rigorous nor too good? Yes i do.
                                                                                           12. Your SkypeID: Stranger _

13. Do you have a microphone ?: Yes bro i have
14. Write a few sentences about yourself describing your good and bad qualities, hobbies, character : Hmm bro My good Are i am seriouscheck anyone as admin i dont abuse my admin powers and CSDM and bro my bad's are i will banneed hacker cheater dont allow cheats on server :D
15. Record a short audio clip that you need to mention your name, age, nickname, and additional information that you would like to add to the questionnaire: 
I Have Phone : phone number is 03142559337 Using zong sim

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you need to reply for that topic not create new one 

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