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Zoya... it my Self

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Your nickname for the game / NickName ?:Zoya.
Your real name ?:Zoya.
Your age ?18.
What city are you from ?:Karachi.

 What are your hobbies, hobbies ?:i am playing cs when i have free time,  Study,  and sometimes i watch videos on facebook or instagram..
What are the good and bad qualities of your personality ?:i am Innocent...when some one saying me i also want admin on server so i try my full and i am buying VIP ,S.VIP for him...and bad one i use wallhack when i start to play cs...
Describe your character:i am punctual. ,I care about anything, I am always sad.. :(

Do you have pets, if so, who they ?:i Don't have any pet. 

How did you find out about this project ?:I Find it grom gametracker.
What are you or do you promise to achieve in this project ?:I am nathing there just a mega admin,,i want to b come supervisors
What kind of person or people are your authorities in the project ?:Its too bad when we need help its not b a activ...and 1 supervisors is makeing servers rule :D he sayid admin cant to say for wargod..and hes good sometimes..
Your photo [OPTIONAL]: I don't have a Phone.

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you like use wh aim speed and ewerything when you joined server and you probably still have those hacks on your pc when you got killded and you raging like ewerytime . thats why no one like's you and newer gonna like ...


+too mutch lie's in this topic

Redaguota nario vkz
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