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[2021] Halloween event - Collect skeleton bones!

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By collecting bones you can climb up the leaderboard (/hrank) to get a better rank, and at the end, TOP5 winners will get prizes.

Objective: Kill as many skeletons as possible and collect their bones!

Additional information:

You can only collect bones after killing skeleton.
If you have dynamic IP or if several players use the same IP address - contact administrator via skype: alvin_strike9

We will change the save type (to Nick or SteamID) and this event's stats will be saved in that type with password.

For all other players event's statistics are saved on IP.

To check in which place you are in, type /hrank in the chat.

To check how many bones you need to collect in order to rankup in the leaderboard, type /hnextrank

You can also check the Halloween even top 15 with /htop in game

Players who will attempt to cheat will be disqualified until the end of the event. This also includes players who will have several people playing on the same IP/SteamID/NICK.

Event starts: 2021-10-31 12:00
Event ends: 2021-11-07 20:00

Check event leaderboard here.


🥇First place - 5 USD Steam Wallet(OR CS 1.6 Steam) +10 In service system
🥈 Second place - CS 1.6 Steam +S.ADMIN for 30 days OR 6 In service system
🥉 Third place - CS 1.6 Steam + ADMIN for 30 days OR 3 In service system
Fourth place- VIP for 30 days OR 1.5 In service system
Fifth place - VIP for 20 days OR 1 In service system

Prizes may be adjusted till the end of the event.

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Also, to see the new effects in the new update, stay with me! :D

1.There is a new effect in the map which makes it darker.

2.This is our ghost. He does nothing except trying to scare you. He goes everywhere in the map and he is safe.

3.This is the important thing, The big skeleton. It appears from the ground when you kill an enemy. it tries to kill you but you can kill it with 1-3 shots. Take care of them! 


4.These are skeletons twins. They spawn when you kill the big skeleton. They run quickly and they jump higher, so it's hard for you to kill them. They also die by 1-3 shots.


5.There are new gifts! The gifts are changed to Halloween theme.

6.Also , there is a new beautiful sky.

They all are the new thing in Halloween update! So, be quick and join the server faster to enjoy the update and win a prize ;) 


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Winners contact my for the prizes.


[Skype kontaktai] - pagiezingapagieza666
[Discord kontaktai] - Gembaz2#8621


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