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  1. [PAK] ElectriC

    Free ban, KuRvE

    U Are right Bro He Free Ban On U With lame Reason: Ip Change. owner Or Supervisor Must Take Action But No One Is Doing Anything.. Sry Owner and Supervisors But U Have To Take Actions Bro He Is Doing Free Bans.....
  2. Yesterday He Kid Was Abusing On Me and My Mother WTF @Scott @osama @Swoloc And @Aironas Plz Remove This KuRvE (WAqas Cheater) Hes A Kid Who Will Ban Players......
  3. [PAK] ElectriC

    Free Ban

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/5zx8okspotz9jnb/Uzas_LT_CSDM_DEMO.dem/file This Link Is Working For me.
  4. [PAK] ElectriC

    Free Ban

    osama He Said In Urdu So Maybe U Cant Understand It
  5. [PAK] ElectriC

    Free Ban

    All know u are WAqas and u are hacker stranger is ur brother he talked with me in discord at morning he was saying he have big hacks which can destroy server but I ignore him he saying he used hacks and he will hack my and aru's admin...... Osama benladen is saying right make a black list and add all hackers names like kurve (WAqas) stranger (Dark Knight) etc....
  6. [PAK] ElectriC


    Ok Thanks.
  7. [PAK] ElectriC


    As I Said I Don't Have Explanation That I'm Not Using No Recoil Hack. I Used Hacks In Another 1 Month Before + My CS Was 1 Month Old & The Hack Was Still In Folder Because I Forgot To Delete That Hack (But I Didn't Used & In Case I Use Hack My CS Get Crashes).
  8. [PAK] ElectriC


    So Okay I Can't Say Anything. I Don't Have Proofs To Explain That I Am Not Using Hacks.
  9. [PAK] ElectriC


    Brooo I Said I Scanned And When I Check It I Saw It's Wrong So I Rescanned And Name TSM - Mr.pro Not Mine My Brother Scanned And PAK ElectriC Is Mine And It Was Wrong I Used Cheats 1 Month Ago But I Didnt To Renistall My Cs And Download My New Cs Becuz I Was Scared That I Will Lost my Rank So I Was Thinking That When Top15 Reset So I Will Do And I Forgot Renistall Cs When I Left IlegalZone Server But It's Ur So I Cant Do Nothing .
  10. [PAK] ElectriC


    Last Detections : True. This Player Have Been Detected In Past. U Saw It I Used In Past I Used In 1 Month Ago.
  11. [PAK] ElectriC


    I Dont Off Wh And I Dont Use Any Cheats And I Had Full Dmg Thats Why I Was Giving Money To Players Becuz I Dont Need It And I Used Cheats In Another Server 1 Month Ago But I Forgot To Renistall My Cs becuz I Was Scared That If I Renistall So My Lvl Reset When I Scanned So I Saw My Scan Wrong So I Renistall My Cs Then I Scanned Im Sorry That I Have To Renistall My Cs When I Left A Server Where I Used Cheats So It's My Mistake But I Deleted Cheats 1 Month Ago But I Forgot That It's In My CS And My Cs Is Wrong So Now It's Ur So I Cant Do Nothing I Just Lost My Money For My 1 Mistake So Im Sorry Again If U Want To Unban me So Please And I Told U My Story In PM And Here Also.
  12. [PAK] ElectriC


    Everytime When My Game Going Good U Took SS I GAVE MY DEMO AND SS TO AIRONAS AND OCB They Said Im Not hacker And Stop Taking my SS By It My Game Gone Becuz I Die!
  13. [PAK] ElectriC


    zazas My Game Was Going good My Sentries Was Killing Players But Why U Took My SS And My Game Gone I Know U Took My SS Becuz U Want That I Lost Game And U Are Noob So What I Can Do If U Can Play With Good Players So Dont Say Them Hacker.
  14. [PAK] ElectriC


    U Are Not Hacker