Go To Sleep (63)

Free Ban | Carlis

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1. Your nickname / NICK in the game ?: Black_Samurai aka GoToSleeP(63)
2. Administrator's Nickname from which you were blocked: Carlis
3. SS / Demo Evidence [REQUIRED]: No SS/ Css_train Uzas.lt demo Black_Samurai
4. Ban Reason: DEMO?SS i foruma

5. Throw in the link or information from the console [Optional]:
[AMXBans] ===============================================
[AMXBans] Tave uzbanino adminas: Carlis
[AMXBans] Tu gali apskusti savo bana @ www.uzas.lt/forumas
[AMXBans] Priezastis: 'DEMO/SS i foruma'
[AMXBans] Laikotarpis: '1 day'
[AMXBans] Tavo SteamID: 'STEAM_0:0:866451916'
[AMXBans] Tavo IP: ''
[AMXBans] =======================================

6. Are you a STEAM or NON-STEAM player? [Is not necessary]: Non steam.
7. Describe the situation: Carlis youre too N00b.

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