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  1. 1. Your Game Nickname / Nick: GtS` - `Foxie` 2. Your age: 17 3. Have you been a Server Administrator in other projects? (Yes / No - If YES, for how long? Why were you thrown out / left out?): Nah. 4. Are you able to distinguish players who use game facilitators from ordinary, good-playing players ?: well sure yes. 5. Have you used cheats or other aids? If so, which ones ?: Aimbot at the first time joining uzas ;D 6. How much time will you spend on Uzas.lt servers per day / week ?: around 4 hours in a day and totally 30hours in a week. 7. Do you only play on the servers of this project ?: Ye,and jailas basebuilder sometimes 8. Which servers of this project do you visit most often ?: CSDM. 9. Are you familiar with the AMX commands required for full server maintenance ?: Yes. 10. How do you perceive the duties of a Supervisor ?: a supervisor must be mature enough to talk to players who join the server.tell em how to play.Punish admin who misuse their powers on innocent players and have eyes on other admins. a supervisor must have a good behaviour with people and i guess i kinda deserve to be a supervisor to help the server.Well being the first supervisor who doesnt know lithuanian is cool ;D 11. Do you understand that supervisors (s) must follow not only the rules, but also the existing situations, always determine the punishment according to the seriousness of the violation, be neither too severe nor too good ?: Yes ofc. 12. Your SkypeID: GoToSleep (63) 13. Do you have a microphone ?: Yes i do. 14. Write a few sentences about yourself, describing your good and bad qualities, hobbies, character: well,im 17 yo,ive been playing in uzas for years.i know that i was a kid and my behaviour was weird ugh xd.i guess immature enough to have a chance to Help founders as a supervisor. 15. Record a short audio recording in which you must mention your name, age, game nickname, and any additional information that you think would be helpful to complete the form: Here
  2. Go To Sleep (63)

    [EST]AURA - Cheating

    Sure , as I saw,it was 7-8:30 AM Lithuania time. Today**
  3. 1. Jūsų Slapyvardis žaidime: GtS` 2. Nusižengusio žaidėjo Slapyvardis: [EST] AURA 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai: Demo file - Video 1 - Video 2 4. Kurioje DEMO dalyje žaidėjas nusižengė?(Pradžioje/viduryje/pabaigoje): All 5. Kokią pagalbinę programą naudojo nusižengęs žaidėjas?[Nebūtina]: Aimbot/WH 6. Jeigu žaidėjas turėjo kokią nors paslaugą, ar pageidaujate ją turėti?[TAIP/NE]: Yes.
  4. 1. Your Nickname in the game: GtS` 2. Nickname of the offending player: Pimpackiukas 3. SS / Demo Evidence [REQUIRED]: Video 4. In which part of the DEMO has the privileged player committed an offense (at the beginning / middle / end): All 5. Offense of a privileged player, explanation of how what happened: he used teleport nade and Went out of map,It's not allowed.
  5. Go To Sleep (63)

    Paaiskinkit prasau

    use Format and Share your demo.
  6. i Banned yusika yesterday and today,he revoked ban but idk how.i banned him for DEMO/SS i FORUMA.He acted like he is new player and dont know how to upload demo.I ask supervisors to Change his ban to permanently.Good job Benladen. +1 Rep
  7. Go To Sleep (63)

    Report Admin

    Vkz rights.You have to ban player for advertising other servers.I saw that Someone connects with dark knight's nick but different STEAMID that is banned 16 times or more.i think thats waqas.D@RK KNIGHT shared his admin PW with hacker.
  8. Go To Sleep (63)

    BanList ( BenLaDen )

    Its Software mode,The game quality is bad and the weapon is on the left hand.Using Software mode in server isn't allowed.
  9. Go To Sleep (63)

    MINI KONKURSAS - Gal tu tas laimingasis? Pabandyk ^^

    Your nickname in the game? [Necessary] - GtS` Your name? [Necessary] - HasanReza How old are you? [Necessary] - 17 Select a number from (0-35) [Required] - 23 Your Steam ID / IP (www.manoip.lt) on which you want to receive the won privilege [Required] - STEAM_0:0:866451916
  10. Go To Sleep (63)

    Unban BenLaDen again

    Thats Great,Thanks to Owner
  11. Go To Sleep (63)

    Unban Application by GtS`

    1. Jūsų žaidimo slapyvardis/NICK žaidime?: StaraseioudsA 2. Administratoriaus Slapyvardis, nuo kurio buvote užblokuotas: Lapinasas 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai[BŪTINA]: GtS Demo 4. Ban priežastis :Grasinimai banu zaidejams. 5. Įmeskite ban linką arba informaciją iš consolės [Nebūtina] : 6. Esate STEAM ar NON-STEAM žaidėjas? [Nebūtina]: Non 7. Aprašykite situaciją: Is there a rule for that?show me.
  12. Go To Sleep (63)

    Unban Application by GtS`

    1. Jūsų žaidimo slapyvardis/NICK žaidime?: GtS` 2. Administratoriaus Slapyvardis, nuo kurio buvote užblokuotas: Unknown 3. SS/Demo Įrodymai[BŪTINA]: Gts demo 4. Ban priežastis : Grasinimas banu 5. Įmeskite ban linką arba informaciją iš consolės [Nebūtina] : [AMXBans] =============================================== [AMXBans] Tave uzbanino adminas: Unknown [AMXBans] Tu gali apskusti savo bana @ www.uzas.lt/forumas [AMXBans] Priezastis: 'Grasinimas banu' [AMXBans] Laikotarpis: '1 day' [AMXBans] Tavo SteamID: 'STEAM_0:0:866451916' [AMXBans] Tavo IP: '*' [AMXBans] ======================================= 6. Esate STEAM ar NON-STEAM žaidėjas? [Nebūtina]: Non steam. 7. Aprašykite situaciją: i Just say that He is an idiot admin.
  13. Go To Sleep (63)


    is there any screenshots?
  14. Go To Sleep (63)


    i Just said that too,i didnt say You changed map,i said You got the vote.
  15. Go To Sleep (63)

    Unban Application

    Yes i saw that Lapinases Tried to vote for change map.As rule number 2.2 in Rules ,Change map more than 5 minutes isnt allowed.