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  1. wajdan


    Who Taken Demo SS From Me??? there wasn't any ADMIN there at that time !!!
  2. wajdan


    @pak electric which demo are you talking about at that day there wasn't any admin there, DON'T Miss GUIDE other 😡
  3. wajdan


    Today He Again @Electric FREE VOTE BAN me ! and @noax is witness, and He also Blame On Me that I Use Software Mode !!! And then Noax Take SS From Me and Here It is, Please I have Humble Request From @Scott @Osama @Aironas PLease Take Serious Action 😕 de_dust20000.bmp de_dust20001.bmp de_dust20002.bmp de_dust20003.bmp de_dust20004.bmp
  4. wajdan


    @electric where is the proof that i was using aim bot??? and which demo are u talking about? none of the admins ask for demo from Me, So who are you, asking me for Demo !!!!
  5. wajdan


    today, when i joined server (CSDM) so i saw that @[PAK] ElectriC, and SRM was in CT. The Have Made a jail, Full Of Lasers and Machines, So When I try My Best And Kill Them Several TIMES and Then I managed to escape, So @[PAK] ElectriC Blame Me That I am Hacker ETC, and Free VOte ban Me and Telling To all Players that I am A Hacker and Vote Ban Him !!!
  6. wajdan


    Dude they are't Brothers
  7. wajdan

    Free ban, KuRvE

    That's why i was saying! waqas and me aren't friends and i dint give my account pass to him by my own!!! Your Guyz blame on me and BANNED me! ok its okay! that was my fault that i dint secured my account! but now... hm.. ??? you guys were saying that i just play for rank rank rank!!! but i don't! i just PLAY for FUN ! and, i am not a hacker or his friend! that u blamed me bro *** ^^^ NOW, Do Some Serious ACTIONS !!! by that we get RID of HIM !
  8. Now i have secured My all Accounts! he had my Discord and Gmail PASS , IDK how! but now i have secured my accounts! but i am banned
  9. i am back and i have secured my ADMIN!
  10. Bro I get admin in uzas server and I have some command issues (map,demo ss, ETC) so please help me out from this problem please. :)

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    2. vkz


      or you can use amxmodmenu its more simpler


    3. wajdan


      but these commands aren't working!!!!! i have to use console every time like amx_vote cs_max ............ something!!!!



    4. wajdan


      i type amxmodmenu in console and type 6 but nothing happens!! :(